Friday, 15 August 2014

Track Of The Day: Ziguri - 'Bella Hopp'

From the city of Berlin, here is a superb tune to end your week with. Fusing Afrobeat and Krautrock flavours, Ziguri's thunderous 'Bella Hopp' has a sound that's not a million miles from what a Fela Kuti and Can collision might have sounded like, hypnotically rhythmic and driven by a forward momentum that presses forward with menacing urgency. It's from their VERY long-awaited debut album 'Kölsch, Schickert, Erdenreich'. Amazingly, you can get 'Bella Hopp' as a FREE download by going HEREZiguri are a band comprising Krautrock legend Günter Schickert, Udo Erdenreich and Dieter Kölsch. The press release reads: "Active from 1987 to 1997, they reformed in 2011 and now, some 27 years later to be exact, present us with their first album. The music: hypnotic trance/Motorik/psychic rock-driving, monotonous beats and bass lines, overlain by floating patterns from Schickert’s inimitable Echodrive guitar." To read more about Ziguri and their history, go HERE

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