Monday, 4 August 2014

Track Of The Day: Morrissey - 'Oboe Concerto'

"There's a song I can't stand, and it's stuck in my head..." Luckily, I CAN stand this song, since it's wonderful. Which is a good job, because it has been stuck in my head all day for some unknown reason. Released on Harvest Records a few weeks ago on July 14, Morrissey's 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business' is certainly an interesting album in places, containing a handful of classic Morrissey moments and more than a few underwhelming ones. One of the LP's clear highlights, the magnificent, uplifting closer 'Oboe Concerto' almost presses into psychedelic dub territory near the end. The influence of Latin music is more prominent than on any of his previous records, there are interesting hints of Bowie here and there, and this one certainly has an angrier and more vitriolic edge than 2009's 'Years Of Refusal', not surprising considering the spats, illnesses and troubles of the last few years. So in terms of quality, a mixed bag from the former Smiths legend. At times he sounds lost, wounded and unsure of his next direction, but a handful of great moments prevent his tenth solo album from being a complete disaster. Read my "very generous" 6/10 review HERE.

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