Saturday, 2 August 2014

Track Of The Day: Mat Motte And The People That Hate Him - 'Summer Song'

Anyone else remember the UK band Mower from the early 2000s? They were signed to Graham Coxon's Transcopic label, with the Blur guitarist also producing the group's self titled debut LP. After Transcopic shut its doors in 2005, it seems that the band dissolved a couple of years later. So it's good to see frontman Mat Motte returning with a new outfit, and an infectious indie singalong for the summer. This has dug its way so deep into my headspace, like any proper anthem should. If Motte had penned this about 12 years ago, Mower could have scored a massive chart hit and would have gone on to be a lot more well known than they are currently. The fact that 'Summer Song' hasn't made the singles charts is ultimate proof that these days, the mainstream only focuses on trends rather than good songs. Taking a look at typical British expectations of the weather (and the often inevitable disappointment that follows), the quirky and appropriately named track was released via Plethora Records a few weeks ago on 21st July.

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