Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Track Of The Day: The Fall - 'Fibre Book Troll'

A brand new track from The Fall, which is exclusive to Modeselektor's 'Modeselektion Vol. 3' compilation, released in June on Monkeytown Records. A fine and weirdly diverse collection of songs it is too. My CD copy finally arrived the other day, all the way from Germany. Driven by a relentless bass riff that is rammed home over 6 and a half bizarre minutes, 'Fibre Book Troll' has the potential to be a classic Fall track, but comes across as pretty slack in this initial 'Original version' of the song. The first 2 minutes or so could have easily been cut. The usually tight rhythm section lack conviction, the synths are all over the place, and the track comes across as some sort of studio rehearsal of the song rather than a final product. It doesn't really get going until Pete Greenway's guitars enter the frame and Mark E Smith's extraordinary delivery takes the insane factor up a few levels. 

It sounds like three or four different recordings mashed together like some kind of Frankenstein's monster, but gains strength as it runs on. As usual, it's great fun trying to decipher the lyrics: so far, amongst other things I can make out Smith trying to buy an apple for ten cents, his views on Facebook trouble makers, the recurrent "I get no help" line, and something about eating sandwiches. As it grows, it becomes stronger, tighter and brutally commanding. We're told that a new Fall LP is on the way, following on from last year's excellent 'Re-Mit'. 'Fibre Book Troll' is enough to remind you of why a new Fall album is always worth looking forward to.

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