Thursday, 21 August 2014

Track Of The Day: Echo And The Bunnymen - 'Explosions'

Ian McCulloch wasn't exactly understated in his promises when it came to announcing the new Echo And The Bunnymen album 'Meteorites'. "At long last we’ve made the worthy successor to ‘Crocodiles’, ‘Heaven Up Here’, ‘Porcupine’, and ‘Ocean Rain’" claimed McCulloch. "‘Meteorites’ is what Echo and the Bunnymen mean and are meant to be…up there in Heaven…untouchable, celestial, beautiful, and real…it has changed my life." Promises like this make it even more disappointing that their twelfth studio album doesn't hold a candle to 'Ocean Rain' or any of the other early Bunnymen classics. But there are a few occasions (four to be precise) when we get a few genuine glimpses of that old magic. 'Explosions' has a strident yet reflective melody that charms and satisfies, although the lyrics could have done with a little bit of fine tuning... Read my full 5/10 review HERE.

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