Sunday, 17 August 2014

REWIND: Depeche Mode - 'I Feel You'

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I was (shamefully) keen on the camp electro pop duo Erasure in the early 90s, and was surprised when I learned that Vince Clark was once a member of this dark, powerful and enigmatic group called Depeche Mode. Even though he was no longer part of the band, I still thought it was odd that two such differing styles of music could have a common connection. I remember seeing the video to 'I Feel You' being played a lot on The ITV Chart Show and MTV in 1993, and was intrigued further by this band when I realised that the majority of my Uncle Justin's CDs and records were Depeche Mode releases. But I was too young and distracted by other things to delve any further into their music, and a couple of years later Britpop and dance were what held my attention. Ironically Britpop led me back to Depeche Mode in a slightly tenuous way, when I started buying Q magazine mainly to read about Oasis, Blur, Suede and all the other British guitar greats of the mid 90s. In late 97, the magazine came with a free CD featuring 'The Best Tracks From The Best Albums Of 1997', one of which was 'Barrel Of A Gun' from the 'Ultra' album. 'It's No Good' followed, and equally impressed. A third and this time permanent spell as a Depeche Mode enthusiast began about 4 years ago when I picked up a vinyl copy of a singles compilation that collected classic material from the 80s. I've been collecting vinyl copies of their albums ever since...

Taken from the superb album 'Songs Of Faith And Devotion', this track was the band's highest-charting single worldwide.

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