Friday, 15 August 2014

REWIND: The Chemical Brothers - 'Under The Influence'

Today's Friday Banger is one from one of my favourite dance acts of all time, and the duo who had the biggest initial impact on me during my youth. I am of course referring to The Chemical Brothers. The rampant, hyperactive thud of 'Under the Influence' evokes the spirit of classic acid house brilliantly, and could have easily been a it had they released it as a single. In some ways, it was. Technically, it was the first piece of music to be released from their superb 1999 album 'Surrender', a 12" vinyl of the song being issued in June 1998 as 'Electronic Battle Weapon 3', exclusively for DJs to test in clubs. According to Ed Simons, he and Tom Rowlands had "about two weeks" to sort out an album cover, plan a live show, and carry out endless promotional duties in Japan. At one point, the image that was later used as the cover for the 'Out of Control' single was intended to be the album cover. The duo have recently confirmed that they are "in the studio", which HOPEFULLY means a new album is on the way!

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