Friday, 11 July 2014

Track Of The Day: James - 'Curse Curse'

Lots of reasons for featuring this song today. One of them being because it's destined to always remind me of the thrilling 2014 World Cup, thanks to the "Messi shoots and scores" line. And indeed when he did fire one in a few weeks ago, various folk on Twitter couldn't resist quoting the lyric. Weeks later, a Germany v Argentina final has been confirmed, with the Germans being my adopted team of choice. So hopefully Messi WON'T shoot and score on Sunday. 

'La Petite Mort' is the 11th full-length effort from Manchester indie legends James, and their first new material in four years. It was written after frontman Tim Booth had to come to terms with the deaths of both his mother and one of his closest friends, experiences that have shaped and influenced the themes and tones of this elevating new record. As a result of reconnecting with each other, this is a set of songs that succeeds in capturing their seismic live energy. Over 30 years into their career, and James are making some of their best music. The mechanical beats and trance synths provide a tantalising backdrop to Booth's lyrics on 'Curse Curse', effortlessly demonstrating his wonderful way with words, and setting out the scene imaginatively to another fine melody. 'La Petite Mort' is a dazzling addition to their discography and easily their finest collection of songs in years. Read the full review HERE.

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