Friday, 4 July 2014

Track Of The Day: Esben And The Witch - 'Blood Teachings'

Brighton-based trio Esben And the Witch have just announced the release of their third album. It's called 'A New Nature', and will be released on September 1. It's fair to say that they've been rather busy these last couple of years, with their previous LP 'Wash The Sins Not Only The Face' emerging last year in 2013, and a superb split LP with Thought Forms being released a few months ago on Invada Records. 'A New Nature' will be the first material to be released on the band's very own Nostromo Records label, and was recorded by the legendary Steve Albini, following a successful Pledge Music campaign earlier this year. Hypnotic, raw, and insistent, 'Blood Teachings' grows into a fearsome rumble that displays no excess fat. "We wanted to create a record that had a level of purity to it" say the band. "To strip away the layers and loops and see what lay beneath. To keep things naked, unadorned and raw. The three of us, in a room, making noise. We looked to create a more primal record, full of human emotion and sonic intensity. Drawing on themes of endurance, strength, determination and self-actualisation. Themes that have always inspired us but perhaps, only now, a few years down the line, a few years of touring under our belts, we feel we have the confidence and maturity to explore and shout about." 

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