Tuesday, 8 July 2014

REWIND: Wolfgang Riechmann - 'Himmelblau'

I have a fellow member of Facebook group Planet Sound Lives to thank for drawing my attention to this song, and this incredible artist. The story of Wolfgang Riechmann is a very sad one indeed: he was senselessly murdered while going out for a stroll one night, and died two weeks before his only album 1978's 'Wunderbar' was released. The LP features this beautifully motional piece of music that resonates with an elevating, transportational quality. While many cite the likes of Kraftwerk and Neu! with pioneering the German sound, Riechmann also played his part. In fact, his career began in a group called Spirits Of Sounds, that also featured Michael Rother and Wolfgang Flür before each separately joined Kraftwerk at various points in their career. The tracks on 'Wunderbar' were recorded with drummer Hans Welding (later of Flaming Bess), with all other instruments played by Riechmann himself, including ARP - synthesizer, guitar and electric violin... In August 1978 Riechmann took a walk through Düsseldorf's Old Town, where he was randomly stabbed by two drunks and died two days later due to internal bleeding resulting from poor medical treatment. A sad loss, and a brilliant life cut tragically short.

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