Wednesday, 9 July 2014

REWIND: Radiohead - 'Karma Police'

It's been a very long time since I featured anything from Radiohead on the site. So now's a good a time as any. So here's a classic from my favourite of the band's albums, 1997's astonishing 'OK Computer'. The music video for the superb 'Karma Police' was directed by Jonathan Glazer, who won MTV's Director of the Year award in 1997 for his work on it. According to, Glazer had pitched the concept of the video months earlier to Marilyn Manson, who apparently disliked it. His loss.... 

Guitarist Jonny Greenwood spoke about the future of Radiohead in a recent interview, saying that the group will gain life in the coming months, and will be "meeting up at the end of the summer" to "make a plan" for their ninth studio album. "But, you know, we're a slow-moving animal, always have been. I guess we'll decide then what we do next." He added. "It's all up in the air at the minute. Thom's just come back from touring Atoms For Peace and he's having some quiet time. I'm sorry to be vague but we're all just taking it easy at the moment. Just enjoying being at home and hanging out really. But at the same time, the vibe is very much Oxford and all good! It's like that." Meanwhile drummer Philip Selway is releasing a new album titled 'Weatherhouse', a collaboration with Adem Ilhan and Quinta, who have previously performed in Selway's backing band. It was mostly recorded in Radiohead’s studio in Oxfordshire and will be released on October 6. 

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