Sunday, 6 July 2014

REWIND: Freestylers ft Tenor Fly - 'B-Boy Stance'

Today's Rewind is one I remember well from 1998, but I first heard of it in the NME after the group got in trouble for sampling the Oasis song on this slice of breakbeat ragga gold from their debut LP 'We Rock Hard'. The sample was removed, and the song re-released, enjoying lots of airplay on The Evening Session (from what I can remember) and scoring them a number 23 UK hit. The band's typical sound was a mixture of classic big beat, hip hop and breakbeat electronica, along with ragga and dub twists.

The Freestylers formed in 1996 when DJs and dance music producers Matt Cantor, Aston Harvey and (initially) Andrew Galea joined forces. All three of them had been players in the UK dance scene since the 1980s. I didn't realise until today that Cantor was also one half of Strike, who made of one my favourite 90s dance hits in 'U Sure Do'. Although 'We Rock Hard' remains by far their most successful LP, The Freestylers continue to record and release music, and their fifth album 'The Coming Storm' came out last year in 2013.

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