Saturday, 5 July 2014

REWIND: Alison Limerick - 'Where Love Lives' (Dancing Divaz Club Mix)

Today's Rewind selection should have been yesterday's. With a busy schedule causing me to lose track of the days, I forgot that Friday is supposed to be the day where I publish a weekly floorfiller. So apologies to all the expectant folk who were instead greeted with the more downbeat sounds of The Cure, not that I should apologise for featuring such a fine band. So today's belated SATURDAY banger is one that I used to spin a lot during my days as a very young club DJ, a time that coincided with dance music enjoying a peak in both quality and commercial success. 

'Where Love Lives' was released as British-based Alison Limerick's debut single back in 1990, instantly becoming a massive club hit on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1996 the song was given a new lease of life with a vibrant remix courtesy of Dancing Divaz, a release that reached number 9 in the UK singles chart. Piano house at its very best and most memorable. Mixmag ranked the song number one in its 100 Greatest Dance Singles Of All Time list in 1996, opining that "'Where Love Lives (Come On In)' is the greatest dance record of all time because it's got everything. It swings, it makes girls pout, boys preen and hearts sing. There's a touch of sadness about it but it's incredibly uplifting, reaching a bittersweet joy that only the most spiritual of house achieves. Ms Limerick - whose subsequent career never lived up to this - sings with a throaty, controlled abandon, hitting the high notes while arms hit the ceiling..."

The original version of the song can be found on her 1992 debut full-length 'And Still I Rise'. After releasing two more albums during the 90s, she continued to record and sing live, for PA’s and with her own band, switching to a more soul/jazz style. As well as that, Limerick has also featured as guest vocalist on many dance tracks, including songs by X-Press 2 and Identity. Wikipedia claims that she released two new albums in 2012, but after a bit of research, that doesn't seem to be the case... Two interesting facts about Alison Limerick that you may not know: she appeared in the film 'Collusion' as the jazz singer, and is also one of the uncredited singers that can be heard performing the closing theme song on each episode of 'Blackadder The Third'. Wow. You learn something new every day...

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