Monday, 23 June 2014

Track Of The Day: Plank! - 'Grasshoppers From Mars'

Manchester trio Plank! released a debut album entitled 'Animalism' in 2012 and elaborate on these themes of nature with the follow-up 'Hivemind', a superb album inspired by "the millions of arthropods without which our global eco-system could not survive." And indeed the 10 track LP is rather insect-like in a lot of ways: its movements are rhythmically odd, it has many legs, and like some insects, it is also capable of flying. Mixing post-rock, Krautrock, math-rock and lots of other kinds of rock with odd prefixes, 'Hivemind' is released next week on June 30, and opens with the excellent 'Grasshoppers From Mars'. Over the course of 6 and a half minutes, hard, disciplined rhythm build on an odd, jerky time signature as dramatic guitars battle with blurting synths that create bright atmospheres. The album is currently streaming in full at their Bandcamp page HEREThis track is free to download now when you pre order the CD or Vinyl. The limited edition vinyl edition is something I 'd be stupid not to want to get my hands on!

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