Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Track Of The Day: La Roux - 'Uptight Downtown'

As a lot of you will have noticed, I don't feature a lot of pop music on the site. Why? Because the vast majority of it is of appallingly bad quality, and certainly not good enough to feature on RW/FF. And due to major record labels only releasing music by talentless fakes with no musical skills, mainstream pop is in the most shabby state it has ever been. 

So thank God we still have someone like the multi-talented Ellie Jackson, who is now running La Roux as a solo project following the departure of musical partner Ben Langmaid in 2011. Unlike the superb 2009 debut album, the long awaited follow-up 'Trouble In Paradise' will draw more on acoustic sounds and instruments, including guitars, organs and percussion; however, analog and digital synthesizers will still feature as part of the overall sound. Jackson has confirmed she will be playing instruments on the record, in addition to co-writing, co-producing and (of course) providing vocals. The smart 'Uptight Downtown' features a layered, more organic kind of disco sound in addition to the usual synthpop flavours as well as a breathtakingly catchy set of hooks. Looking forward to this new album VERY much...

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