Sunday, 22 June 2014

Track Of The Day: The Black Keys - '10 Lovers'

'Turn Blue' is the eighth studio album by The Black Keys, released about a month ago or so in May 2014. The record was the group's fourth collaboration with producer Danger Mouse, and most of the songs were recorded at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, California. The sessions coincided with singer Dan Auerbach's divorce from his wife, which seems to have inspired much of the album's more melancholy lyrics and moody tone. Holding a crap posthumous Michael Jackson LP off the top spot, the album debuted at number one in the United States and Australia, becoming the duo's first record to top the charts in either country. A seductive, hook-laden blend of heartbroken soul, RnB, southern rock and funk that comes with an added psychedelic twist, 'Turn Blue' proves itself to be their masterpiece, pushing the quality of their songwriting to new levels while adding refreshing new ingredients. Irresistibly funky, with a raw, soul bleeding vibe, '10 Lovers' displays a duo who have become even better at doing the things they were already great at.

Since the song or video aren't streaming anywhere online, you'll have to skip about 2 minutes into this radio show below to hear the track. Maybe they'll release it as a single and make a video for it in the future...

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