Monday, 16 June 2014

REWIND: Gorillaz - 'El Manana'

When I first heard 'Tomorrow Comes Today' by Gorillaz in late 1999, I instantly recognised it to be the work of my hero Damon Albarn. But being such a massive fan of Blur, I was inevitably a little bit let down when Damon decided to concentrate his efforts on his popular animated band rather than bring back Blur. It actually took me a few years to warm to the music of Gorillaz, and although nothing can ever eclipse the magic of Blur, I now highly rate the Gorillaz debut as well as 'Demon Days', 'The Fall' and 'Plastic Beach'. Of of the finest Gorillaz moments is this elegantly shadowy single from the 2005 LP 'Demon Days'... And it looks like a new Gorillaz album could be on the way, as Albarn revealed over the last few days that "I've written quite a lot of songs on the road this week for Gorillaz. I find a lot of my material for Gorillaz comes when I'm in America. There's an affinity there with it." I was lucky enough to see Damon and his new band The Heavy Seas play an intimate show in Portsmouth a few weeks ago, and you can read a review of that night HERE.

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