Wednesday, 11 June 2014

REWIND: Edwyn Collins - 'Love's Been Good To Me'

Today marks the end of yet another era of my life. It is the last day of my twenties, and I have an array of very mixed feelings about this particular milestone. I was thinking about writing an article about my favourite albums and songs of the last ten years, effectively the soundtrack to my 20s. But most of the music I listened to from 2004 to 2008 was either older stuff that had been released years previous or mainly punk-based music that I don't rate anywhere near as much now, even thought there are a number of glowing exceptions. I believe that new music has improved massively since the dark days of 2004 when alternative music had become so bland that I decamped to the world of punk rock for a few years. But when I think about my favourite albums of the last decade, all of them are from the last three years. 

This particular track is from a man who has had a very eventful decade, suffering two near-fatal brain haemorrhages in 2005 and staging a most remarkable recovery since. The man I refer to is the brilliant Edwyn Collins. A book written by his wife Grace Maxwell tells the story of Edwyn's inspirational return to the world of music, after most people assumed his career had been put to an end. The book is titled 'Falling And Laughing', and is one of the most incredible and moving stories you will ever hear. Additionally a new film called 'The Possibilities Are Endless' documents the legend's recovery and was premiered earlier this year at the SXSW festival. From his most recent album 'Understated', here is a version of a song covered many times by many different people, but never delivered as touchingly as this. The album has quite rightly been shortlisted for the SAY Awards (Scottish Album Of The Year) and was at the very top of RW/FF's Best Of 2013 list.