Friday, 13 June 2014

REWIND: C.J. Bolland - 'The Prophet (Tyrome's Spirit In The House Mix)'

The traditional Friday Banger to begin your weekend with. Here's another one that grew on me through listening to Polygram TV's indie/dance-based 'Fused' compilation from 1997. C. J. Bolland is a Belgain electro producer, who was born Christian Jay Bolland in 1971. Born in the English town of Stockton-on-Tees, his family moved to Antwerp when he was three years old, and as a teenager the young Bolland was strongly influenced by the Belgian underground dance scene. The original version of 'The Prophet' can be found on the 1996 album 'The Analogue Theatre', and features a sample of Willem Dafoe from Martin Scorsese's 1990 film 'The Last Temptation of Christ'. Here is the blistering 'Spirit In The House' remix by Tyrome, something of a trance classic.

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