Monday, 2 June 2014

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photos of Damon Albarn and The Heavy Seas (Portsmouth, May 2014)

A while ago the legendary Damon Albarn announced a pair of intimate shows in Bristol and Portsmouth. After a major amount of traffic (and a bizarre pre-sale that wasn't advertised to the fans), I couldn't get tickets for the Bristol show. But this is Damon we're talking about here, so of course I didn't give up, and luckily managed to score a pair of tickets to the Portmouth show on May 31 instead. The scramble for the 400 tickets was so mad that Portsmouth's local paper had the story on the front page. But me and 399 other privileged folk were able to witness an incredible night of music where both Damon and his band were on top form. A review will be coming to this site over the next few days, in the meantime here are pictures. None of which came out as well as I'd liked them to...


  1. Hey man, it's me from the Rock and Roll Chemist blog (we follow each other on twitter too). Great site!

    Thanks for sharing these pics, look forward to reading the review! I've heard nothing but good things about his solo shows so far. I'm seeing him here in Boston in 5 days and as a long time and massive Blur fan, I'm very excited and looking forward to it.


    1. Brilliant, cheers Drew! review will be finished tonight hopefully! absolutely mad busy week, so much great new music to get through! while I'm here, I'll recommend to you the new Phantom Band album! a masterpiece.