Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Track Of The Day: The Sunshine Underground - 'Turn It On'

The Sunshine Underground are a band who I've been meaning to listen to for a while, mainly because they were named after one of my favourite Chemical Brothers' songs. The former 'nu-rave' combo are back with a self-titled album, which is actually their third. It's also their first since bassist Daley Smith left them in 2011. Released earlier this week (May 19), it's a bloody good synth pop record in fact, and the brilliantly infectious 'Turn It On' defines it in a nutshell, combining (very Human League-esque) 80s synths with 90s dance vibes and anthemic hooks that are unmistakably 21st century. With noticeable Depeche Mode influences spread across the LP, there are even hints of Vince Clarke's other group Erasure... but I mean that in a good way, I promise. 

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