Monday, 26 May 2014

Track Of The Day: The Phantom Band - 'The Wind That Cried The World'

The sheer volume of new music being released sometimes means that things get lost or unnoticed amongst all the noise. I've been waiting over three years for The Phantom Band to release a new album, and a couple of months ago they announced one. Except I wasn't informed by anyone, including the NME's so-called "music news" site. So I only found out about the Scottish combo's amazing 'Strange Friend' LP about a week ago, but have become quickly addicted to this incredible new single, which opens the record. From the start, a strongly propulsive, highly infectious melody journeys through terrific build ups of ethereal harmonies, entrancing synth patterns and motorik rhythms, while Rick Anthony's rich tones give it authority and emotional power. “The verses have a kind of nursery rhyme musical naivety and we wanted the choruses to just sort of blast in,” explains Anthony, “The lyrics were kind of stream of consciousness that alludes somewhat to the inherent meaninglessness and randomness of artistic creation. The whole track acts as a nice opener and first single: a sort of a statement of intent after being away for so long.”

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