Saturday, 10 May 2014

Track Of The Day: Horse Party - 'Inbetween'

With a sound described as "like Fleetwood Mac covering dEUS via Fugazi and early Verve", the Bury St Edmunds trio Horse Party got together after a night spent drinking in a church. Ellie Langley, Seymour Quigley and Shannon Hope were united in a love of Bjork, Savages, Daughter and terrible movies. After causing a buzz over recent years with a string of top quality singles, it's good to see that the band have made sure they're all present on their debut album 'Cover Your Eyes'. Out on CD next week (May 12), a major highlight of this LP comes in the form of the magnificent 'Inbetween', where atmospheric guitars and tumbling rhythms explode into magnificent, angry colours. It falls somewhere between the post-rock soundscapes of Thought Forms and the harmonious melodies of Yuck. The song has just been made available as a free download, accompanied by an edition of the band's own music fanzine 'Shut The Fuck Up', which will be sent to you in the mail absolutely free of charge. So HERE to get hold of those.

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