Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Track Of The Day: The Crookes - 'Don't Put Your Faith In Me'

Sheffield indie popsters The Crookes release their new single this week, the second to be taken from their marvellous third album 'Soapbox'. "'Don't Put Your Faith In Me' is one of the most straightforward and to-the-point songs we've ever written," says Daniel Hopewell from the band. "It takes a long time as a songwriter to get to the point where you don't worry about what the listener might think of you and to be honest and expose your flaws is a difficult thing to do. I think it's a brave song and I'm happy to play the anti-hero in it." Underneath the light, there's always an undercurrent of darkness brooding throughout the album's ten tracks, evident within the self deprecating charm of the irresistible 'Don't Put Your Faith In Me'. Read my full review of 'Soapbox' HERE.

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