Wednesday, 21 May 2014

REWIND: The Verve - 'All In The Mind'

I first heard this track on a superb compilation entitled 'Outafocus', which I purchased in the late 90s from the CD shop in Swindon's indoor market. After changing hands a few times, the shop is now selling second hand vinyl. Well, they were the last time I went there. Richard Ashcroft is a known resident of Chippenham, a town just a few miles away from me. According to someone who spoke to him a while ago, the ex-Verve frontman admitted that his career was "going nowhere". And this was BEFORE that dire album that he released with the United Nations Of Sound four years ago. While I hope Ashcroft does return to great form one day, let's remind ourselves just how brilliant he once was. But let's not also forget that The Verve's magic was also down to the superb musicianship of Nick McCabe and the rest of the band. 'All in the Mind' was released as the band's first single on 9 March 1992, and immediately topped the independent charts. The video for the song was recorded in the London flat of its director, Miles Aldridge, and depicts the band playing in a dark, hazy room, with a dark blue light in the background. Various band members are seen pushed up against a bare wall.

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