Sunday, 11 May 2014

REWIND: Primal Scream - 'If They Move Kill 'Em'

Another selection from an album that (as I have said before) "I can well and truly say changed my life. It blew my mind and set new standards in my musical outlook. Although it's usually 'Screamadelica' and 'XTRMNTR' that are given all the acclaim, it's 'Vanishing Point' that proved Primal Scream could reinvent themselves again after a rough patch in the middle of the 90's." There is an article that you can read HERE where I give a brief account of how the band's astonishing fifth album opened up my musical world in a massive way... "I knew I was listening to something I deemed 'weird', and the feeling of exploring exciting new sounds was very enjoyable. I barely removed my earphones all day, lost deep in a world of incredible and revelatory sounds." The incredible 'If They Move Kill 'Em' comes packed with demented sounds, blistering wah wah guitar, attention-snatching horns, filthy beats and a devastating bassline with funk crawling all over it. If you don't have a copy of 'Vanishing Point' in your music collection, then go and find a copy immediately. Bobby Gillespie has described the album as "an anarcho-syndicalist speedfreak road-movie record". It is named after and inspired by the 1971 film Vanishing Point. "The music in the film is hippy music, so we thought, 'Why not record some music that really reflects the mood of the film?' It's always been a favourite of the band, we love the air of paranoia and speed- freak righteousness. It's impossible to get hold of now, which is great! It's a pure underground film, rammed with claustrophobia."

Kevin Shields' radically reworked 'MBV Arkestra' version of this was released as a single in 1998, and subsequently also included on their following album 'XTRMNTR'.

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