Monday, 5 May 2014

REWIND: Mansun - 'Six'

So how long exactly did you think I would last before posting another Mansun track? The ridiculously underrated 90s indie oddballs are becoming something of a regular fixture on RW/FF, and with good reason too. Even though the Arthur Baker single edit of this song has a fine meaty sound, you can't help but feel that it's missing something. That something is the utter insanity that unfolds throughout the unedited version of 'Six' that provides its parent album with a most awe inspiring introduction. After transforming through a series of different segments, it eventually reverts back to the initial verse at around the seven minute mark, with Paul Draper's reprised vocal line being fed through a variety of mad effects. 

Today is the day that former frontman and songwriter Draper makes his return to the world of music after a lengthy absence, as the debut single from his new project The Anchoress is released today. Although the music is defined by the wonderful talents of Catherine Anne Davies, 'What Goes Around' was co-written and produced by Draper, as were a number of tracks on the forthcoming debut album. Go HERE to listen to the track. Meanwhile, Draper has also revealed details about his long awaited solo material, which (aside from a few collaborations) will be the first time he will have released any music since the band split in 2003. 

Draper joined Eddy Temple Morris on his XFM show 'The Remix' on Friday night (May 2) to reveal his love for dance music, talk about the Mansun days, and debut remixes of the new single from The Anchoress. He revealed that following the demise of his old band, he recorded "about 3 albums worth" of solo material, all of which remains unheard. 

"I dug out all my old songs, and there's loads... about two or three albums worth there, and we've recently been putting some drums on them and building them to life. We're going to give them or sell them, or do a 7", but it's going to be around the time of the Mansun Convention at the end of August, where we're going to premier one of the tracks that I do. It's going to be my first ever solo thing, so if it goes well I'm thinking of doing an EP of them, or something and then who knows? I'm going to do that but only because I'm not really in that world anymore, so I'm quite cool with doing it." He also announced that hours of old Mansun recordings had been found, including outtakes, jams and other unreleased bits which will also be aired at the upcoming Mansun Convention, which takes place in August. How many other 90s indie groups have fan conventions? Especially ones who broke up a decade ago! Read an interview with convention organiser Andy Lyth HERE, where he talks more about the event and what fans should expect. An interview that RW/FF did with Draper himself can be found HERE

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