Monday, 26 May 2014

REWIND: The Charlatans - 'Can't Get Out Of Bed'

I must admit, I only jumped on board with The Charlatans when they released their magnificent 'Tellin' Stories' album in 1997 and didn't know that much about them prior to that. After that I purchased the self titled 1995 album, as well as 1999's 'Us And Us Only' before the soul-tinged 'Wonderland' from 2001 proved to be the last Charlatans record I bought for a while (since I completely abandoned the indie/alternative world from 2003-2008). So over the last three years it's been a case of exploring the band's brilliant back catalogue further, and I'm glad to say that I now own all of the studio albums. 1994's 'Up To Our Hips' marked a change in direction for the band, as they switched from their earlier baggy-flavoured sound to a more straight-forward rock style reminiscent of Dylan and the Stones. It was a difficult one for the band, since it was written while keyboardist Rob Collins had been put in prison for assisting an armed robber. From it, here is 'Can't Get Out Of Bed' (which is exactly how I felt this Bank Holiday Monday while every other fucker had a day off work) which reached number 24 in the singles chart in February 1994.

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