Sunday, 20 April 2014

Track Of The Day: Pixies - 'Greens And Blues'

About two years ago, I heard leaked news from a close source that the Pixies were busy recording a new album. Things must have been delayed somewhat by the departure of Kim Deal and the subsequent search to replace her, since the LP has only just arrived recently. It's not clear whether it was even intended as an album, due to the twelve tracks being previously released as four track EPs over the last few months. 'Indie Cindy' is their first studio album since 1991's 'Trompe le Monde' and will be released 28 April in UK/Europe. “We started seriously talking about recording new music about four years ago,” Pixies drummer David Lovering explained. “New music seemed like something we just had to do, we just couldn’t continue to go out and tour without anything new. So the talk evolved into writing and recording, and we’re all very happy with the way everything worked out.”

'Indie Cindy' will be available in a number of different formats, including a standard 12-track single-CD; a two-disc, gatefold album pressed on 180-gram vinyl; and an expanded digital download available exclusively through iTunes that includes a bonus 13-track set recorded during the band’s recent North American tour. From the LP, here is the shimmering 'Greens And Blues'.

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