Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Track Of The Day: Merrymouth - 'Without You'

Some will disagree with the following statement, but only because they haven't heard the evidence... Simon Fowler of Ocean Colour Scene is one of the most underrated British songwriters of the last 20 years. Don't agree? Take a listen to 'Wenlock Hill', the new album from his other band Merrymouth. Originally formed as a backing band for a folk-flavoured Fowler solo project, Merrymouth soon evolved into a great band in their own right, and also features Fowler's Ocean Colour Scene bandmate Dan Sealey, himself a very talented songwriter and vocalist. It features guest appearances from John McCusker, and Chas Hodges of Chas and Dave. 'Wenlock Hill' is their second album and follows on from 2012's self titled debut, which you can read a review of HERE. Opening up and embracing more eclectic sounds, the new LP is out next week on May 6, and a review will be coming to these pages very soon. In the meantime, the Monolith Cocktail has recently published a great write-up on 'Wenlock Hill' HERE... The melodious first single, 'Without You' is described as "a love song about being apart and the loneliness of a long-distance relationship." And beautiful it is too.

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