Saturday, 26 April 2014

Track Of The Day: Eels - 'Where I'm Going'

Quite simply THE best thing Mark 'E' Everett has recorded in years. The new album '' is also the strongest and most consistent Eels record in at least a decade. Closing the album in joyous fashion, 'Where I'm Going' is the sound of man who has lived a tough, eventful and often sad life managing to find a dazzlingly bright way through the gloom in order to reach an ultimately happier destination. And it's beautiful. 'The Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett' was released earlier this week (April 22) and is E's most introspective and profound effort since 1998's classic 'Electro Shock Blues'...

"Can't say I know what will happen tomorrow.
I can't say I know if its joy or sorrow.
I can't say how long I'll stand at the line that I'm towing.
But I've got a good feeling 'bout where I'm going.

All you see, a world so full of neat.
And all I need is a pocket full of seeds.
Sunflowers shooting up to a sky that is glowing.
And I've got a good feeling 'bout where I'm going.

Pray for rain; it might not come.
Can't save the day; save someone.
I can't say if the flowers will keep on growing.
But I've got a good feeling 'bout where I'm going."

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