Tuesday, 15 April 2014

REWIND: The Teardrop Explodes - 'Treason'

Trying to constantly keep up to date with new music means that I don't find a great deal of time available to listen to my older purchases. On Sunday night, I had a look through my black record box which contains things that I've lined up to play at some point. At the front was a copy of 'Kilimanjaro', the fantastic 1980 album from The Teardrop Explodes. I actually bought a 7" copy of the 'Reward' single (featured HERE) after I heard it in the mid 90s, and I already knew about frontman Julian Cope since my Dad's mate John was a big fan. 'Treason' appears to be a favourite of BBC 6Music DJ Chris Hawkins, since it always seems to be on his playlist whenever I tune into his show. I wonder if he knows how good the rest of the album is?

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