Wednesday, 9 April 2014

REWIND: Oasis - 'Bonehead's Bank Holiday'

If you're an Oasis fan and you live in or near Somerset, today would be a good day to pay a visit to Weston Super Mare. Not only can you attempt to re-enact the front cover of the 'Roll With It' with some deckchairs and old TV sets at the exact location the photo was taken, but you can also see former rhythm guitarist Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs playing a free gig with his new band Phoneys And The Freaks. The band are playing at Loves Cafe, where you can get in for a small donation to the charity Weston Hospicecare. More info HERE. You can follow Bonehead on Twitter HERE

'Bonehead's Bank Holiday' was a rare bonus track from the '(What's the Story) Morning Glory' recording sessions. Originally released as a vinyl only track on the album, it was also included on a cassette tape entitled 'Brat Pack '96', which came free with the NME. Bonehead was supposed to sing lead vocals on the actual track, but after suffering a few nerves he went to the pub with Liam. After many drinks later the pair returned to attempt the recording. According to Noel, was "shit" and Noel proceeded to sing the song himself. However, the resulting mayhem from Bonehead and Liam (the "la la la" chorus) were made a crucial part of the recording and Noel once (jokingly?) threatened to release the Bonehead lead vocal version on an Oasis boxset... With a deluxe version of the classic second album due out later this year, we may still hear it yet! To me the daftness of this track sums up the carefree madness that went with being in Oasis, a band heading to the top at a million miles an hour and not giving a flying fuck about the world. Some say that its musical style was supposed to be a dig at then arch-rivals Blur...

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