Sunday, 20 April 2014

REWIND: Mansun - 'Egg Shaped Fred'

Since it's Easter Sunday, I thought I'd better do a themed selection for today's Rewind. So with a theme of eggs, here's the greatest song to ever mention eggs in the title. I'm also featuring it because I went out to my local record shop yesterday on Record Store Day, and instead of coming back with any of this year's limited edition releases, I returned with two old 7" singles by Mansun. Ones that I don't already own! In fact I've NEVER before owned a copy of the 'One' EP on any format, so it's about bloody time. 'Egg Shaped Fred' features as the lead track on this four track, 33rpm 7", which was released in March 1996, reaching number 37 in the singles chart. The melody and lyrics are apparently based on a nursery rhyme as frontman Paul Draper explains: "This was a nursery rhyme that kids at school sand sneeringly at me because I had an egg shaped head apparently. So I purged my soul of those kids with this song! Everyone else thought it was mad for a rock band to release a nursery rhyme. Saved on the therapy though."

For fans of this incredible group, there is a Mansun fans convention taking place in the band's hometown of Chester. It's happening in August, and more info can be found HERE in an interview that RW/FF did with the event's organiser Andy Lyth.

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