Sunday, 27 April 2014

REWIND: Embrace - 'All You Good Good People'

When I used to read about Embrace in the NME and Melody Maker during the 90s, they excited me. When I heard the music that they made, I was not disappointed. Their first few EPs were superb, and their 1998 debut album 'The Good Will Out' was something that I raced out to Woolworths to buy on its day of release after reading an ecstatic 10 out of 10 review in the NME. While I still don't think it's quite 100%, Embrace's first full length is blessed with marvellous songs, many of them underrated would-be classics. The second album was great but not so magical, and the third one had it's moments. But everything Embrace have released since that hasn't really been much cop, and their new album (their first for seven years) is no different. Read my review of it HERE. If you're new to Embrace, whatever you do, don't judge them on their new material. Maybe they should have split a decade ago, so they'd be remembered more like THIS... Sean BW Parker from Monolith Cocktail recently interviewed frontman Danny McNamara HERE.

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