Friday, 25 April 2014

REWIND: Blur - 'Girls And Boys'

Today is a landmark day in my life. A day that has made me feel my age. The day that THE album of my generation turns twenty years old. Blur's seminal 'Parklife' was released on April 25, 1994. In celebration of this, today will be 'Parklife' Day on RW/FF. I was lucky enough to be around as Britpop was on its way to becoming the most phenomenal musical movement in years. As a ten year old kid, it seemed even more thrilling to me. And it all happened at just the right time to influence my life in a massive way...

20 years later, and whenever I hear that intro to 'Girls And Boys', the same excitement happens. It's the same now as it was two decades ago, and still sends shivers down the spine. Knowing that what was to follow would be a truly special time. THE sound of something BIG announcing its arrival. Then there's the clang of the Coxon guitar entrance. One of the defining moments in popular music history I think. Before 'Parklife' was released, I was keen on Bowie and The Beatles, but there didn't seem to be any great present-day bands around who represented MY generation. If it wasn't for 'Parklife', British alternative guitar music might not have become such a big part of the mainstream. If that didn't happen, I probably wouldn't have discovered the joys of indie and wouldn't have become such a massive music lover. It put me on a path that led to lots of other paths, and I have Damon Albarn and Blur to thank for that. Cheers boys. Read a short article on how 'Parklife' changed my life HERE.

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