Tuesday, 8 April 2014

REWIND: Black Grape - 'In The Name Of The Father'

As many of you will probably know, this week marks the 20th anniversary of what many consider to be the beginning of the Britpop scene. All week the BBC are celebrating the occasion with a Britpop Season, which includes Radio 1's legendary Evening Session returning for a week of nostalgia every night at 8pm on Radio 2. Additionally if you tune into BBC 6Music at 1am throughout the week, you will be able to hear classic editions of the show from the mid 90's. Last night's was a show from 1995 where presenter Jo Whiley was joined by the legend Jarvis Cocker, who co-hosted and played some wonderfully out-of-step records, including one he'd found in a skip! 

Since the music of Happy Mondays is so well regarded, a lot of people forget about Black Grape, who featured ex-Mondays Shaun Ryder and Bez, as well as a number of former members of a group called Ruthless Rap Assassins. Their first single 'Reverend Black Grape' was one of the tracks playlisted on the Jarvis 'n Jo special, with Cocker commented that it sounded like "everyone trying to make as much noise as possible". Since I featured that track a while ago as a Song For Today (HERE), I'm going to feature 'In The Name Of the Father' instead, which is worth hearing just for the lyric: "Neil Armstrong astronaut, he had balls bigger than King Kong..." This track (along with 3 other Black Grape offerings) can be found on my epic six-part 'The Sound Of 1995' compilation, which you can listen to HERE.

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