Saturday, 12 April 2014

REWIND: Billy Bragg - 'It Says Here'

Record Store Day is only one week away! After trying to decide which I was going to queue outside on the day, my mind has been made up for me by the folks at the original Raves From The Grave shop in Frome. In fact, if you go HERE you can read an article about my experiences on RSD 2012, which I spent at the same shop. A little while ago, the highly recommended Somerset record shop announced that the legendary Billy Bragg has agreed to play an instore gig for this year's Record Store Day. Bragg will be performing at 3pm (giving him time to buy his RSD vinyl first!) Local singer/songwriter Jordan Whatley will also be playing a set at the Warminster store at 11am. 

"If you have a car – you can catch both!" says a post on their website, "This year’s Record Store Day is fast approaching and we are busy ordering limited edition vinyl goodies for you all. As in the past, all 3 of our shops will be taking part and all will open at 9am (but come early …. The queues started at 6am last year!). The usual rules apply: we cannot reserve items, we won’t know what stock we will have until the day and everything is sold on a first come, first served basis." 

To celebrate The Bard Of Barking coming to my local record store, here's a track from 'Brewing Up With Billy Bragg', his second album. Released in 1984, this LP was the first Billy Bragg record I ever purchased. It's rather telling of the world we live in that this song is still as meaningful as ever in 2014...

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