Monday, 21 April 2014

1 To Z: Brett Anderson - 'Brittle Heart'

Time for a '1 To Z' selection, the latest in a long line of songs that will eventually feature every band and artist in my record collection. Today it's the turn of a songwriting legend and the owner of a terrific voice, the iconic figure that is Brett Anderson. After Suede split in 2003, Brett formed The Tears with former bandmate Bernard Butler before embarking on a solo career that has so far produced four studio albums. The most recent was 2011's excellent 'Black Rainbows' which according to a review I wrote upon its release "shines with an alluring confidence" and "is certainly no substandard gap-filling solo project". Read the rest of that review HERE.  Here's the album's lead single 'Brittle Heart', a stunning yet gorgeously subtle pull on the heartstrings that features a classic Anderson chorus and a simple but effective guitar solo.

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