Saturday, 1 March 2014

Track Of The Day: Michael Kiwanuka - 'You've Got Nothing To Lose'

Michael Kiwanuka has just released a new single 'You've Got Nothing To Lose', produced by Jack White and released on Third Man Records... “Jack White is an artist that still inspires me today, so it was such a pleasure getting to work with him, and put out this single on Third Man Records.” says Kiwanuka. The single is out now as a download and limited 7"... This man's gold-certified debut album 'Home Again' was definitely one of my favourite albums of 2012, and I look forward to what Kiwanuka has in store next... The video is directed by Nashville-based critic and director/curator for Third Man Records' Light & Sound Machine film series James Cathart. It is a powerful reflection on acceptance and misconception; the story unfolds as a woman gets ready to attend her young son’s birthday party. Cathart explains his concept for the video: "Michael’s song has this air about it - of a father figure imparting wisdom. So I looked for an unexpected context to apply that to. It’s about misleading perceptions - not just in terms of the character’s gender, but also from what we expect of the people she encounters. Acceptance comes from a camo-clad country boy, while it’s the presumably enlightened young person that harasses her on the bus… we were able to strike just the right tone: sweetness tainted by melancholy…or perhaps it‘s the other way around? We've all had bittersweet birthdays.”

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