Thursday, 6 March 2014

Track Of The Day: Gruff Rhys - 'American Interior'

Super Furry Animals mainman Gruff Rhys has lined up a brand new solo album due for release on May 5th. 'American Interior' is a multimedia project "blurring the boundaries and possibilities of songwriting, music, literature, film and technology to create a multi-sensory experience telling the incredible true story of John Evans".

Evans (a distant relative of Rhys) was a Welsh farmhand who travelled to America in 1792 in an attempt to discover whether legends about a Welsh-speaking Native American tribe called the Madogwys were true. In summer 2012, Gruff decided to retrace Evans' journey mentally, and was inspired to make this album. 'American Interior' will be released as four formats, including the 13-song album (his fourth solo effort) and a book described as "a psychedelic historical travelogue in which Gruff traces Evans' incredible journey from North Wales to new Spain, alongside the tale of his own strange American road trip following in Evans's footsteps", which will be published in late May. There will also be a film directed by Dylan Goch, documenting Rhys's 2012 tour (where he retraced the steps of Evans via descriptions) as well as an app consisting of 100 entries that tell Evans's story. "American Interior is an exploration of how wild fantasies interact with hard history and how myth-making can inspire humans to partake in crazy, vain pursuits of glory, including exploration, war and the creative arts..." 

Here is the album's title track, which musically seems to follow on from 'Hotel Shampoo''s brilliant 'Shark Ridden Waters' in terms of the mysterious power within the chords and those driving piano notes. Looking forward to the album very much indeed...

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