Saturday, 29 March 2014

Track Of The Day: Elbow - 'My Sad Captains'

Along with the magnificent 'Fly Boy Blue/Lunette', this has to be my personal highlight of Elbow's recently released sixth studio album 'The Taking Off And Landing Of Everything', a record which has at last provided the band with a much deserved number 1. On the first few plays, I didn't think much of it. But I think the same thing every time I hear a new Elbow record. They take time to grow, and it's usually time well spent. Our man Nickolai Rainbow from God Is in The TV gave the album a remarkable 4.5/5 rating and remarked that "'The Take Off And Landing Of Everything’ is the first Elbow album since ‘Leaders..’ that will have you running to replay it once the record finishes, and not an everyman anthem in sight this time to ruin the flow, this is another quality Elbow album and though not their best (I’d still pick ‘Cast Of Thousands’ for that accolade) is definitely their best since their opening trio of excellence..."

My personal thoughts on it a week or so ago were that "after only three listens I'm currently of the opinion that some of it is Elbow at their best, and some of it is Elbow at their most mundane." I still stand by that, although the "mundane" is becoming slightly more interesting with each listen. One thing's for sure, the sadly uplifting, hymnal elegance of 'My Sad Captains' sees the Bury heroes at the top of their game. Beautiful.

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