Thursday, 27 March 2014

REWIND: Ian Brown - 'Nah Nah'

A track from Ian Brown's 1998 debut solo album 'Unfinished Monkey Business'. Bizarrely, I discovered John Squire's other band The Seahorses before I even got into The Stone Roses (although I was a fan of 'Fool's Gold') and only knew the Manchester legends as "the band the guy from The Seahorses used to be in". Blimey. In late 1997 I heard a documentary on the Roses which was broadcast on Radio 1, and immediately fell in love with the music that I heard during it. It was actually just before Brown released his first solo material. I actually bought a promo CD copy of the 'My Star' single, which came in a black bin bag sleeve. 

The album certainly didn't make a secret of the feud he and Squire went through in the late 90's and 2000's. From it 'Nah Nah' contains the line "you stuck your neck out, gosh at least a thousand times", probably a dig at the guitarist's cocaine use. Who ever thought they'd patch things up and get back together? Proves that anything is possible. Now where's that third album lads?

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