Friday, 7 March 2014

REWIND: Eels - 'Fresh Feeling'

I'm looking forward to the new Eels album, which is released on April 22nd. But I have to say that Mark 'E' Everett and his outfit haven't released a proper classic since the glorious 'Daisies Of The Galaxy', which is my favourite Eels album along with 1998's 'Electro Shock Blues'. 2001's 'Souljacker' featured material co-written with PJ Harvey collaborator John Parrish and was a darker and grittier affair based around characters rather than E's own experiences. But it did feature this irresistible display of sweetness which was bizarrely never released as a single. 'Fresh Feeling' also re-uses a beautiful string part from another Eels song, 'Selective Memory' from 'Daisies Of The Galaxy'. I may just feature some brand new Eels on this site over the coming days, but for now I have to publish this wonderful 2001 classic which has been occupying my headspace for much of the day...

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