Saturday, 8 March 2014

REWIND: Bentley Rhythm Ace - 'Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out'

Here's a group who found success as alternative music crossed with dance during the mid 90's to form what people used to call 'Big Beat'. Signed to Big Beat's spiritual home Skint Records, Bentley Rhythm Ace were made up of Richard March (formerly of Pop Will Eat Itself) and Mike Stokes, with guest appearances by James Atkin formerly of EMF, and drummer Fuzz Townshend who was also a member of PWEI. They released their self titled debut in 1997, which spawned this Number 17 chart hit. A second album 'For Your Ears Only' was released in 2000 on Parlophone but proved less popular, while a 4 song EP with Sophia Lolley called 'Angel Face' was released in 2004. Bentley Rhythm Ace confirmed their split in 2006 only to reform again in 2009 when Cut La Roc began managing them and signed them to his signed to Rocstar Records, but as yet no new material has been heard... I can remember reading a feature about them in the Melody Maker many years ago where they were travelling round a festival site in a golfcart and had brought with them a giant hamburger prop. The relevance of the burger? They bought it off of Blur when they were having a stage props sale....

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