Friday, 14 March 2014

REWIND: The Beach Boys - 'I Get Around'

Wow. After a day of cold and fog yesterday, the sun is out today over the UK. And when the sun is out it means that I feel like listening to some Beach Boys. But I'm also playing this particular track since I heard and odd and rather brilliant cover version of it last night by Macko Palmer, which brings out the song's hazy, sentimental side. Indeed one of the things I love about The Beach Boys original is the way that the joyous mood blends with a undercurrent of sadness during that magnificent chorus. And although I will always think of Mike Love as a dick, the part he plays in 'I Get Around' is excellent, as Love takes the lead vocal for the verse, and the legendary Brian Wilson does the chorus. 'I Get Around' is noteworthy for its "back-to-front" structure, starting with a chorus and comprising of two short verses. Released in 1964, the song was The Beach Boys' first number-one hit song in the United States., and in charting at number seven in the United Kingdom, was the band's first top ten single over here.

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