Thursday, 6 March 2014

LISTEN: The RW/FF Compilation Volume 14

It's back! The first RW/FF Compilation of 2014, the 14th edition overall, which you can listen to via the Mixcloud player below. It showcases the music that has featured in the column over the last few weeks. 

Just imagine if the 'Now!' albums featured the best recent music instead of a load of lowest-common-denominator shite... they would sound like this! I don't have regular dates set for each of these mixtape-type things, instead I just wait until I have an 80 minute CD's worth of great new music to make up each compilation. Contrary to what some ignorant people think, there is plenty of excellent new music out there, as is proved by every one of these brilliant mixes. The idea is to buy all of these tracks and burn onto a blank disc, hence why each compilation will be roughly the length of a CD...

Pixies - 'Blue Eyed Hexe'
The Bohicas - 'XXX/Swarm'
Courtney Barnett - 'History Eraser'
Jimi Goodwin - 'Oh! Whiskey'
East India Youth - 'Dripping Down'
Breton - 'Envy'
Damon Albarn - ''Everyday Robots'
Elbow - 'Fly Boy Blue/Lunette'
Mode Moderne - 'Unburden Yourself'
Beck - 'Blue Moon'
Mogwai - 'Simon Ferocious'
Metronomy - 'Love Letters'
Angels Die Hard - 'Angel Ride'
Coves - 'Cast A Shadow'
Goldheart Assembly - 'Oh Really'
Thought Forms - 'Sound Of Violence'
Tim Burgess - ‘Oh Men’
Menace Beach - 'Fortune Teller'

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