Saturday, 15 February 2014

Track Of The Day: Stephen Jones - 'Garage Flowers'

This brand new track from former Babybird genius Stephen Jones was written, recorded and released yesterday on February the 14th. He seems to be able to pull brilliant music out of his hat all the time. It's not as simple as just being an anti Valentines Day song, Jones has more imagination than that. Instead it's a heartwarming gesture of devotion, where everlasting love is at the top of the wish list while petrol station bouquets and last minute greetings cards are irrelevant. Even though Babybird had a number of Top 40 hits, it's 1996's megasmash 'You're Gorgeous' that most people remember him for, a song very misrepresentative of Jones's talents. And it's for this reason that he opted to discontinue the Babybird name. Ever since then, instead of taking a break from music he has thrown himself even deeper into it, releasing 13 albums and a few EP's as Black Reindeer since late 2012. While those mostly instrumental recordings deal in atmosphere and mood, the tracks that Jones has been unveiling under his own name are more reminiscent of the song-based material that Babybird produced. A new "proper" solo album is expected this year and will likely be released via Unison Records.

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