Thursday, 20 February 2014

Track Of The Day: Klaxons - 'Children Of The Sun'

After four years of aborted sessions, scrapped songs and a number of different producers, Klaxons are finally ready to release their third album. From it, here is 'There Is No Other Time' which puts the abrasive guitars of 'Surfing The Void' to one side for some smart electro pop euphoria. Moving into different territories is clearly what they had in mind, even the lyrics talk of "at this moment moving forwards", while musically it seems they've been soaking up flavours of Foals, Delphic and Hurts while they've been busy reinventing their sound. The other side of this double A single is a track called 'Kingdom Of The Sun', produced by Tom Rowlands of dance legends The Chemical Brothers, and characterised by an odd hip hop trait. With nu-rave a distant memory, it will be interesting to hear if one of the few great alternative groups of the late 2000's can find their own place in 2014. More info about the album is expected soon.

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