Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Track Of The Day: Colourmusic - 'Dreamgirl '82'

Here is a group whose existence I learned of last week, despite them being around for nearly a decade. This track is plucked from their new album 'May You Marry Rich', released on March 24.

Colourmusic formed in Stillwater, Oklahoma back in 2005 as a collaboration between Ryan Hendrix and Nick Turner before they evolved into a band when Cory Suter, Nick Ley and Colin Fleishacker joined. The band describe their sound as "hardcore and a little Oklahoma Sex Rock", and are said to be influenced by Brian Eno, The Beatles, and Serge Gainsbourg to name a few. The band has been compared to The Flaming Lips but in terms of inspiration, the group have written albums based on colours, mating rituals, nature, and Christmas.

'Dreamgirl ’82' is about the situation of "finding your supposedly perfect match, and your relationship is still dictated by how you deal with yourself." An ominous creeping guitar line casts odd shapes around big drones of bass and hallucinogenically charged vocals before it erupts into heaving riffage in the middle and leads to the light as it climaxes. A band to listen out for? I'd say.

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